A Few Postcards from Dublin

Forty Foot- a swimming hole just south of Dublin in Sandycove
Corey’s whiskey flight at The Manhattan pub in Raheny

We spent the final few days of our trip in Dublin. Beautiful city filled with beautiful people. Many a time someone approached us thinking we were lost. And once on the DART an older gentleman gestured for us to join him for a bit of a conversation. And no matter how thick our brogue, no one made fun of our accent. Cannot think of a better place to end our trip. We ain’t home yet. Still got one more travel day to go. But the next train ride will likely be on the Blue line.

What can we say, Dublin is a friendly city. So much so you can be fined up to $100 for not returning a smile.
Ferry from Holyhead, Wales to Dublin was smooth sailing and relatively inexpensive.
Traced quite a bit of Bloom’s journey in Ulysses. Above is the tower James Joyce opened his novel with. Later Bloom has lunch at Davy Byrnes.
Relaxing at the Upstairs Books Cafe
The very impressive and also free National Gallery of Ireland
Just a few stops south of Dublin in Sandycove. Within thirty minutes of Dublin and easily reached by train are several very nice fishing villages.
So many pubs, so little time. This is the Gin Palace where we had our last dinner in Dublin.

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