Looking Back While Moving Forward

The first trip we blogged about began with a wedding. Henna was the flower girl. Smart phones weren’t really a thing yet and everything was written up on a netbook. More than once we asked someone if they had WiFi then had to explain to them what WiFi was. Not only had Henna not yet graduated high school, she had not even started Kindergarten.

A few of our favorite photos

In a few weeks Henna will be starting a new adventure in St. Paul, Minneapolis. Cannot begin to say how proud Corey and I are of Henna. We are also very happy with her choice of Macalester College (lots of famous alumni to boast about but none cooler than the samurai of the Walking Dead, Danai Gurira). We are not as excited though about our return drive home from the Twin Cities. Plan on packing a lot of Kleenex.

This past summer Euro fling won’t be our last road trip together. And I certainly plan on continuing to write about our journeys. It might though be under a different handle. Either way, it has been our incredible pleasure letting others into our travel world. To all our friends out there, both virtual and in the flesh, safe travels.


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