Postcards from Wales

Hiking in the Gwydir Forest (Betws-Y-Coed, Wales)

Our last few days in the U.K. featured quite a bit of “old fashioned weather” meaning there was lots of rain, gloom and a subtle chill that slowly worked it’s way to the bone. I got “old fashioned weather” by the way from this great booklet given to us in Blaenea Ffestinog  (“Culture Amidst Industry”). Other great Welsh sayings from that book include “face like a month of fives” (a long face) and “my name is scratched with a rusty nail.”

More pictures from Betws-Y-Coed

At Betws-Y-Coed (a beautiful little town a few stops north of where we stayed) tourists picnicked and swam in rivers seemingly oblivious to the near constant rain. They also enjoyed spending time with their dogs. There were in fact so many well mannered and regal looking dogs out and about that Corey wondered if maybe there was a dog show in town. There wasn’t. The British just really love their dogs.

Train ride to Holyhead where we then caught a ferry to Dublin

Today was our last day in the U.K. Good timing on our part as there are several big transit strikes scheduled toward the end of this week. We will greatly miss our time on this island. The locals, whether they be from London or Edinburgh or the Highlands or Liverpool or Wales have all been top notch. Have also had a cracker of a time and would say even more lovely things but am running out of British sayings. Cheerio!

Walking to the train early morning Blaenea Ffestinog

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