Noel and Corey meet.  Friends first.  Fall in love second.  

Not the point of this blog.  

Both have strong desire to travel…mostly moving through space together.  Next comes Henna.  She likes the road too.  Traveling every summer for 13 years, a lot of small trips between those summers too…….road trip of life.  

This blog is to chronicle the many adventures we have together….to show that there does not have to be a “map” or a “destination” just a route….following it where your heart/whims desire.  

Enjoy. Also, please check out Hennacornoeliday’s first ever published book The Handy Dandy Guide To The Best Road Trip You Never Heard Of.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. I just wanted you to know I love you blog and I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I hope you enjoy receiving the award as much as I have, here’s to your great past and future posts!

    • Awesome! What’s a Liebster Award? Is there some sort of ceremony? Would Henna be able to come or would we need a sitter? Do I have to rent a tux? Seriously though, thank you for the shout out. We like checking in on your blog too.

      • Hmmm…I have not had that problem, but If my internet gets interrupted and I have not saved my draft, I loose it all! So I just save the draft like every 10 min or so…that drives me crazy! Maybe it is your internet???
        We are headed to Denver tonight! Mitch and I have a house there, but I have never really lived there…any good suggestions …I wanna hike in the Rocky Mountain National!

      • RMNP is very cool, but we have only been there in the summer. Not sure what it would be like now but there might be a lot of snow. We are headed that way over the summer. In the summer they have an excellent shuttle hiker service so you can hike a few miles then get a ride back to where you start or the campground. Have fun, hope you post pictures.

  2. Love the blog. Nice to see that you have enjoyed some of the Canadian treasures. If you ever find yourself in Newfoundland, Canada we would be happy to help with information

  3. HI Noel and Corey!

    I have not been on wordpress writing but I sure have been reading! Your summer trip was incredible and I enjoyed reading about your adventures so much!
    I just wanted to reach out and say…our show “Wicked” is in downtown Chicago right now till Dec22nd…if you guys find yourself there for a performance- please let me know and I can arrange a backstage tour and a you can sit back stage and watch our green witch get green, during make-up! I think it would be cool for Henna if she likes that sort of thing!!

    Would love to meet you guys!

    Christina Tracey
    from thisamaceinglife.com

    • We would be so excited to 1) meet you and hopefully your family and 2) watch you turn someone into a witch. If you are on Facebook, maybe you can look me up (Noel Schecter) and friend me? We do not have tickets yet and are pretty flexible on dates.

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