Old Man Noel

Sunset at Badlands National Park

This was the summer Corey and Henna started to call me Old Man Noel. As in “Old Man Noel doesn’t like it when people travel without maps.” And of couse they say this in an exagerated grumpy old man voice. Boy do I love that.

Henna at Bertha Lake

Truth is that Corey and I have spent 21 years summer road tripping (16 for Henna). Some things have changed for the better (I do not miss calling cards) but other things have just changed. But enough stays the same (like the crazy fact that in every trip there comes the point where the laundry bag is actually greater than the sum of all the clothes actually brought on the trip) to know we are pretty darn lucky to be able to criss-cross over this continent year after year. And there are no two other people I would ever want to travel with (although maybe I wish they had a better nickname for me).

Cycling at Waterton Lakes National Park (Alberta)

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