After spending the weekend in Glacier National Park (first at a KOA then the historic Many Glacier Lodge) we came back to what is maybe our second favorite place other than home. Waterton Lakes National Park.

Skipping rocks at Swift Current Lake

What we did not know; in September 2017 a massive wild fire nearly wiped out the whole park. They are still rebuilding and so many of the places we love are not accessible. This includes one of the two campgrounds, Cameron Lake, the road to Red Rock Canyon, and the Bear Hump Hike. Wieners of Waterton though survived as well as the historic movie theater.

So we are bummed. And camping way too far from our car (for some reason they decided to take this time to renovate the sole campground and it is a mess). But we know Waterton will rebuild stronger than ever.

Drive from Many Glacier to Waterton

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