Sitting on my front porch (Maui style)

View from Camp Olowalu (Maui, Hawaii)

For the last couple of nights we have been camping just outside of Lahaina at Camp Olowalu. It’s a nice place but the roosters suck. They go off an hour or so before sunrise. One of them hangs out at the campsite next door. Our neighbor (the human one) thinks it’s cute. Maybe she likes pretending to be some sort of destitute farmer who lost everything and now has to sleep in a tent next to her rooster. The campground actually seems divided with some people (including Henna and Corey) able to sleep through the hour or two of cock a doodle doing. Others, like me, are wondering how roosters might fare in a stew.

A crazier sight would be the cow standing on the bird!

Making up for the roosters is the easy beach access and private outdoor showers. Shino and his family (who we camped with a week ago at Wai’anapanapa State Park) are here too. They however are in the upscale Tentalows which include Adirondack chairs, cots, and a permanent canvas/screened tent. They also get a better breeze despite actually being further from the beach. Shino’s gone Hollywood.

Henna at the beach reading

Hiking at Waihee Ridge – a little over 2, mostly uphill miles, with impressive views of rainforest and beach

One of the more impressive places we have been was the Maui Ocean Center captures sea life, such as tiger sharks, via hook and line. The animals are then housed for a few months before being returned to the ocean a little bit fatter but probably better rested.

Maui Ocean Center

The center also takes in and filters sea water which is used for the exhibits before being returned a heck of a lot cleaner to the ocean.

Sea turtles basking at Honolua Bay (Maui, Hawaii)

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