Haleakala National Park

Looking into the crater at Haleakala National Park

Up up up, like Jack climbing his beanstalk, you travel the park road to the summit of Haleakala. Then you peer down into the massive volcanic crater and marvel at the Martian like scenery.

Sunset from the crater – unlike sunrise the sunset is a very mellow affair

No one was allowed into the crater on our first day in the park. Details are vague, but a woman was attacked and there was a manhunt underway. Mid evening on our second night camping at Hosmer Grove we had a helicopter repeatedly sweeping low over the campground. And then that night while Henna slept and Corey and I sipped whiskey there was a rustling in the woods. Peering into the dark I saw a flashlight. It saw me and the light went dark (or so it seemed). A few minutes of quiet and then the phantom light returned to the tent next to mine. Let out a sigh of relief and thought at least there are no bears on the island.

Despite the potential attacker we loved the cool nights at Hosmer Grove (mid to low 50s and free too). At 7000 feet you sleep just a little above the clouds which also made for little rain and bright stars. On our last day at the park the trails opened and we quickly descended well into the canyon before crawling out exhausted and thirsty. A good time was had by all.

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