Mahalo aloha!

View from our balcony at Mariott (Lahaina, HI)

Out of dedication to our large and growing fan base (mostly our parents and a few neighbors), we sucked it up and decided to spend a few nights at a resort. Clean sheets, AC, nice swimming pools and, so far, no roosters. That last point is a big one with most of my questions at check in rooster oriented (so, what do I do of I see a rooster?).

View from our digs at Camp Olawalu (Lahaina, HI)

One oddity of the resort experience is the sudden uptick in people speaking the traditional Hawaiian language. Aloha. Mahalo. And that’s pretty much it. Times we heard those phrases spoken in first two weeks on Maui? Zero. Times we have heard those two phrases in past 24 hours? 4,587 (rough estimate). And it does not seem to matter at all where the Mariott worker is from. They all just seemed to pick up the lingo. So aloha! And mahalo too.

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