Postcards from North Dakota

You might not think of North Dakota as being a haven for foodies, but we ate pretty well our second day out on the road. We woke in a KOA Kamping Kabin and had a nice conversation with out neighbors (a very cool family from Iowa in town for their daughter’s dance competion). After a light breakfast followed by a rest stop picnic, we drove out of the humid Midwest (soundtrack to Hamilton playing in the background). Shopping in Valley City an older woman asked us where we were from (guess they do not get many visitors in Valley City). I asked her where one might find a cup of coffee and some ice cream. She pointed us in the right direction but qualified her pick by saying “it might not be as nice as what they have in Chicago.” She said that without a trace of sarcasm.


I wished I asked the owner how long she had been serving cappuccinos and very good ice-cream. I also wished I asked it’s connection to the first movie theater in town (movie poster were in one corner of the room as well as a framed article from the 1920s announcing the opening of Valley City’s first ever movie theater). But we were just too busy eating, drinking, and playing checkers (I also wish I did not lose to Henna).

DSC_0033A few hours later we were better prepared for Kimi. Kimi’s namesake food truck is the place to eat in Bismarck. Presently parked in a KOA, she has floated about the area serving absolutely delicious cowboy meatballs (sweet onion sautéed in a whiskey sauce, topped with charred bacon- that is what I had and man was it good), homemade mac and cheese, mini-fried donuts (12 for less than $5- you think you will have just one then end up eating the whole dozen), poutine (as good as they serve up north), and a whole lot of other goodies. A friendly and gentle soul, Kimi left her truck to talk with us a while and the conversation closed a long driving day.


Hannah and Jim

Both on the road and at home we attract amazing neighbors. Last night we shared a fire with Matt, Hannah, and their four year old bearded dragon. All three were a blast and Jim spent a good deal of time cuddled up with Henna.

So right now it is nine. Corey and Henna are sound asleep. Matt, Hannah, and Jim just left town and my stomach is grumbling. Time to make breakfast.






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