North Country


As we drove away today…after everything was packed, the planning was done and we kissed the cats for the last time…and I saw our house in the rear view mirror I felt a sense of weightlessness.  I get it every time we leave.  Every time.  Even as Henna gets older and I feel a sense of guilt that she might miss something, once we are gone all that worry melts away.  Worry, worry.  Too much worry.  Life must be lived today as tomorrow is no guarantee.  So as we headed north toward our first layover, we decided to stop over at Paisley Park and pay our respects to the dearly beloved Prince.   Even the sky was heavy, as if it wanted to cry from the loss.  Yes, life must be lived fully.

Fare thee well for tonight.  Hope everyone is safe from the storms.




5 thoughts on “North Country

  1. You were in our little corner of the planet today – sorry we missed you! Thanks for the travel inspiration provided as we watched the whales together at Meat Cove, Nova Scotia.Getting ready to take our “Jewish-Swedish” kids on a camping adventure across the eastern half of Canada and New England this summer. Enjoyed following your European adventures last summer, too. If you ever need a place to crash in the Twin Cities, please give us a shout out. Happy Trails! Enjoy the Great North!

  2. To our MN cabin neighbors, we found your blog and are excited to read along as you travel to Alaska! Safe travels! -Ryan, Jenna, Greenlee, Tony & Levi

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