Dreaming Of A WIP Christmas/ WIP Theater


A few nights ago the three of us along with a few of our good friends took a stroll to the WIP Theater.  A work in progress is what WIP stands for but their family oriented late night Christmas BYOB sketch comedy revue looks pretty darn complete to us.  It is also hilarious and we laughed as hard as our kids.  Sure the Old Styles/vodka cocktails/Miller Lights may have played a small contributing factor to our enjoyment (“BYOB family theater,” by the way, pretty much sums up Edison Park), but Dreaming Of A WIP Christmas offers up some serious high end witty talent that would not look out of place at Second City.


Leading the antics is the hysterically over reacting Mike Capra who works wonderfully against the more straight laced Ian Hamilton.  Natalie O’Sullivan, who claims she is only doing the gig for charity (with the men the charity case) is as engaging as she is funny.  Together the trio imagine familiar holiday topics (like Scrooge) in unfamiliar ways (what exactly does he say to the stockholders after he starts giving away the company’s fortune?).  And the bit about Santa going through the drive through is pure comedic gold.  There is also some singing and although I wish they dumped the canned music it was, and, well maybe this is the drinks talking, kind of sentimental.  But it is the jokes that will cause tears to stream down your face.

We have been to the WIP a few times now and each time we vow to come back soon because supporting local theater + comedy + BYOB = a whole lot of fun.


Dreaming Of A WIP Christmas is playing on December 18 and 19 at the WIP Theater (6670 North Northwest Highway).  Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for children and can be purchased here or by calling (312) 692-9327.

Photos by:  Justin Lynk






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