My New Years Resolution

So I finally got around to writing a travel book. It started with me helping a friend plan out her next summer’s road trip and ended with a short book describing one of our all time favorite adventures. Take a bit of Route 20, add a dash of Colorado, then stir with the North Rim and… boom, you got yourself a Handy Dandy Guide to the Best Road Trip You Never Heard Of. I of course need to thank the fine folks at Hennarcornoelidays Press whose encouragement was vital. Corey, Henna, without you there would be no point in even leaving the house. If anyone wishes to check out the book (and it is free for some Amazon customers) follow the link below. Let me know what you think and if you like it share it with a friend! Happy New Year!

handy dandy book photo

To buy a copy, click here!


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