The edges around the city were grittier than we expected, but after two days we really fell for Stockholm. Stockholm is a lot of water interrupted by cobble stone streets, tight shopping quarters, and churches older than the U.S. of A. Mostly we walked and walked and walked only resting for ice cream and pastries. We also made good friends our first night camping with a Finnish family (by way of Scotland and Northern Ireland) who we hung with until the wee hours. The good times spent with new friends was a preview for the exciting and altogether awesome moments we were later to spend with family.






5 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. Hi you three! Great to see you loved Stockholm … it really is the bees knees! It was great meeting you all … and now that I’ve got you bookmarked, we’ll be able to keep track of your trip!

    The kids all say a big hello to Henna!

    Safe onward journey!

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