Höganäs, Sweden

In between eating, laughing, joking,  being treated like royalty (no, actually like close family who have been away for a long bit) and then more laughing we did a bit of sight seeing. Höganäs is truly a lovely, peaceful place with a bustling harbor, a small downtown and  a fun beach.  There used to be a lot of coal mining here and that produced a significant amount of clay which is now used for pottery.  Almost everyone here has a Höganäs made vase or flower pot. Some live in century old houses with straw roofs. Most have bikes and enjoy riding on the trail running parallel to the sea.  The people living here are all very nice and the ones related to us are even nicer.  Today our hosts Christer and Astrid asked if we should go swimming first then eat ice cream or the reverse. This was the most stressful thing we have had to contemplate since arriving here. We very much like Höganäs and love hanging with our Swedish family.




Peter of Kullabygdens Keramik at work


Berit, Hasse, Corey and Henna


Hasse holding a memory


Alice showing off her masterpiece


Traditional home with straw roof



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