Along Route 66: Funks Grove, Il (just east of Springfield)


The people of Funks Grove do not take kindly to folks putting a “y” in their sirup.  Why?  No idea.  But they have been tapping into their Sweet Maples since the 19th century.  After the Mother Road came into being it was only natural that they would sell a few gallons by the side of the road.  If you come by in mid-March you will likely see Mike Funk overseeing gallons upon gallons upon gallons of sap boiling away into a much smaller quantity of gloriously sticky and sweet smelling sirup.  The sirup then is bottled a few feet away from the stove and sold next door by his family.  The Funks encourage questions and picnickers making this a perfect rest stop for the road weary.  Nearby is the Sugar Grove Nature Center which we left for our next visit.  After tasting the sirup I can tell you that there will be a next time.


Mike Funk helping the sap boil


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