Along Route 66: Becky’s Barn (a little west of Springfield, IL)

Becky's Barn

Becky’s Barn

Although sometimes little more than a frontage road paralleling Interstate 55, Route 66 survives mostly intact through Illinois.  This includes approximately one and a half mile of brick road laid out 1931.  Immediately adjacent to this section is Becky’s Barn which is definitely a cut above the typical antique/road kitsch barns you see dotted along the highway. For starters there is owner Rick Hargett, an unabashed pro-union anti-Republican cuddly bear of a man who much more closely resembles Willie Nelson than Ralph Nader.  Besides the numerous bumper stickers celebrating his views he also gives a 20% discount to all union members and soldiers (“The union builds the country and the soldiers protect it”).    Sadly the namesake of his store, Becky, passed away last January.  After flirting with closing down the store for good, Rick instead decided to stay open.  And on a beautiful, almost summer like day in March, we were glad he did.  Open Thursday through Sunday 10 A.M.-5 P.M. To get to their website click here.

Corey, Rick, and Rick's friend

Corey, Rick, and Rick’s friend

On Route 66

On Route 66

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