Cool Spot #17: Coquihalla Provincial Park (the Othello Caves- also Hike 19 for Corey)

The first year we started this blog we talked up Hope and their “Rambo Bridge” (the first Rambo movie was shot in Hope and an opening scene used a local bridge to good effect). The bridge is now history (it was torn down due to ecological concerns). But the Othello Tunnels are still doing well.

The Othello Tunnels

Canyon Shot

Designed and overseen by one Andrew McCulloch (whose love of Shakespeare inspired him in his naming of train stations and tunnels) this engineering marvel was hit pretty hard by a rockslide in 1959. Now it is a pretty nifty provincial park called Coquihalla Provincial Park. Among other things it includes a bike trail that I think runs into the town campground (which is next to the site of the former Rambo Bridge). The canyons are deep and the caves are cool. Water drips on top your head at a few spots and it is the perfect spot to spend an overly hot afternoon.

Desert town off Hwy 3

Cool Spot #18: Highway 3 from Hope to Nelson

In a trip full of beautiful drives this one really stands out. With Manning Provincial Park anchoring the middle, this road sweeps through valleys, over mountains, into desert, and pass wineries and orchards. We took it in one long drive but next time hope to do it over a week. Judging by the campers and locals milling about at the pull outs I bet some lucky people take it all in over a lifetime. Noel 7/26/13

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