Cool Thing #19: Trolley Car 23 in Nelson, B.C.

Riding Trolley Car #23

It was first built in 1906 for Cleveland then purchased by Nelson, B.C. in 1924. This was the third trolley car in a two trolley town and was eventually numbered “23” by citizens who wanted people to exaggerate the size of their public transportation system. In 1949 the town went to busses and Number 23 was used as a dog kennel, cabin, and a souvenir shop. Then, thanks to the Nelson Electric Tramway Society, it was put back into service along a new line that linked beautiful Lakeside Pak (an area of soccer fields, beaches, and playgrounds) with an area just under the downtown area. All day rides are $2 to $3 or $8 for the whole family.

Cool Thing #20: Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

Henna at Campground

We just love this Provincial Park. There is a crowded (but friendly) town park in Nelson, but this place, along the same lake that Nelson rests on, is just so gosh darn serene. Each morning we have taken a dip in the not-as-cold-as-you-might-think glacially fed Kokanee Lake. Days are hot and nights are cool and last night we were treated to a concert from the marina just a ways down the road. Life just does not get any better than that.

Cool Thing #21: Gibson Lake Day Use Shelter (Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park).

Gibson Lake

Do not let the ten mile winding uphill logger road scare you. Well it did scare us a little bit, but the rewards were spectacular. At the very end of the road there is a parking lot with a lot of chicken wire lying around. A sign warns overnight visitors to wrap the wire around their car or else risk porcupines eating the rubber of your brake line and/ or tires. Who ever thought that in the end it would be the porcupines that would get you?
Then it started to rain. A big cold rain and we ran to the shelter. Inside we met a very cool lady waiting on her boyfriend who was rock scrambling. We listened to the Luminaires and played some matching games (with Henna winning each time). It was such a nice, cozy time that we forgot where about the rain and was surprised when sunshine came through the windows. Thank you day use shelter. Noel 7/30/13

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  1. Hi there… Miss you guys! The pics you posted today are just exceptional… You all look so authentically happy! Fun and safe travels! The Merrifields

  2. Love the pics, I miss you more and more everyday that I see your pictures here Corey.. you guys look like you had an amazing time, and the views are unbelievable! Be safe and love the skirts you and Henna have been rocking! 🙂

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