Wedding Day

Had an awesome time at Dan and Liz’s wedding.  I like weddings, especially when one is in a wedding (we were in by proxy of our daughter) because you really enter someone elses world.  I obviously know Dan and his family well, but over the weekend I got to hang with Liz’s family and Dan’s good friends.  All very cool people.  And the wedding was fun and sentimental and everything a wedding should be. 

I promised in my last post to share photos of the temple.  I stated before it was built in 1900 or so.  I was pretty wrong on that.  Construction begain in the 1860s and was interupted by the Civil War.  Roaming the basement of the temple, I found several stone tablets with names, dates, and other information.  The most touching to me was the list of deceased benefectiaries.  A typical column was “Jeffrey Strause 1895 25 (amount contributed).”  There was also a stone tablet detailing a couple who passed away in 1895 in a “R. R. accident.”  Their heirs (?) parents (?) donated $2500 which was an amazing amount of money at the end of the 19th century.  If you happen to know more about this temple I would love to learn more facts.  Below are some pictures of the temple.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. Hi Cousins! Thank you again for sharing in our wedding festivities. We look forward to reading the stories of your adventures from the road. Safe travels and happy fishing! Love, Liz and Dan

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