Is Lake Huron great too?

Lake Michigan has a state named after it, thousands of miles of beautiful beaches and harbor towns, Tim Allen voice overs, and the jewel of the Midwest (my hometown Chicago) anchored at the south end.  Lake Superior is truly awesome; the second largest fresh water lake in the world.  As treacherous as an ocean you respect Lake Superior. Lake Erie has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland.  Not the most impressive credentials, but something you remember.  Lake Ontario is Canadian.  And then there is Lake Huron.  Yes, Mackinaw Island is on Lake Huron, but most people think it is in Lake Michigan.  Lake Huron is that forgotten child, the one that does not get out of the house much.  Last night we camped at Bay City SRA which is across the road from the Forgotten One.  We arrived at early evening and played at a cool park overlooking the lake.  There was a nice boardwalk trail that passed by marshes and delivered us to a beach were we looked for seashells.  Later we roasted baby potatoes, hot dogs, and corn.  The campground was boisterous and had an odd river/ wet mud smell.  Today we plan on moving on in search of greater lakes.



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