Inverness, Scotland

After nearly a month on the road (or, more accurately, rail road track) we have gotten the hang of doing laundry. I also got a haircut.

Inverness is a small city/big town surrounded by amazing Highlander scenery and sites. Inverness also is where Macbeth once ruled. It is, however, best known for its historic battle against the Loch Ness Monster. A little over thirty years ago some 3,000 brave Invernessians lost their lives in combat against that monster from hell. While Nessie has not been heard from since, many fear his return is a question of when, not if. They play the bagpipes here with one ear to the Loch.

Read this sign closely for the punchline.
In 1979 a determined man converted an old gothic church into a used book store. Leakey’s remains family owned and is an Inverness institution.
Inverness at sunset

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