Request Stops

Walking about Dunvagen, Isle of Skye

One of the quirks of ScotRail are the request stops. They operate kind of like secret menu options at In-N-Out. Care to get off at Achanalt? Then you better speak up a stop or two ahead of time otherwise you will be getting off at Lochluichart instead. And trust me, no one wants to be in Lochluichart.

A Scottish frog

Just kidding Lochluichart. I’m sure it is lovely there. The next few days though for us are a series of request stops. We were going to head south via a ferry and a different train line to a town called Hellensburgh. But then Tiger Woods, but, a couple hundred years of unchecked industrialization, ongoing labor strife and Covid conspired against those plans. So now we are making our way towards Glasgow via Inverness which means a return trip on the same line that brought us to the Isle of Skye.

The Fairy Pools at Isle of Skye

The same train we took on Thursday again chug-chugs it’s way across a single track. This time though the car is nearly empty. Corey sleeps, Henna listens to the Mountain Goats and I stare out the window relieved not to be driving. There are worse things to do again.

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