Postcards from Edinburgh

Finding our way in a new city

Britain boasts an incredibly efficient and user friendly train system. For example, from London there are no less than twenty trains a day heading to Edinburgh. Even on the Friday of our departure, the busiest day to travel from London, and with an “incident” on the track causing massive delays, we still were able to arrive at King’s Crossing with just our Britrail Pass (a sort of automatic standby ticket) and leave for Edinburgh in less than forty minutes. No reservation necessary.

A very crowded King’s Crossing station. From here you can travel to almost every corner of the island. Traveling on a sort of standby meant no reserved seat. Corey and Henna managed to find a semi-private room in-between two train cars.
A new city means a new home. After three weeks on the road we are very excited with our two bedroom one bathroom row house. Relatively inexpensive, it is a couple of miles from the city center. Our feet and a sprawling bus system though get us where we want to be. Scottish wind makes for easy drying. Across the street are these very tidy stand alone homes.
Hiking in Holyrood Park. Love any city with a cragly dormant volcano at it’s heart. Here I audition to be America’s Next Top Model.
Was quite a shock to see my old Brother electric typewriter (or what I brought to college as a freshman in 1991) behind glass at the National Museum of Scotland. Thanks a lot National Museum of Scotland! Way to make me feel old. Jerks.

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