Golders Green

The Golders Green Clock Tower

Just a few stops away from central London on the Northern Line is Golders Green. Not quite in the city, it is also not quite a suburb either. Known for its large Jewish Orthodox population, it has, per Wikipedia, the largest concentration of kosher groceries in all of London. For the last seven nights it has been our home with us staying in a hostel like Airbnb filled with both long-term and more transient guest like ourselves.

A palm tree grows a few doors down from where we are staying. Not the only palm tree we have spied in London.

The Northern Line runs east-west through the heart of London. To the east lie the fantastically named Tooting stops with our favorite being Tooting Broadway (which brings to mind a very gaseous Nathan Lane triumphantly making his way through The Producers). Near us are the more sedate, but still interestingly named Chalk Farm and Morning Crescent.

No one names things like the British

Besides riding the Tube we took several busses. Our return last night from dinner involved one tube run, a bus and over thirty bus stops. We did not at all mind the near constant stop-and-go pace as it allowed us more time to digest our food while our phones charged from the outlets coveniently placed on the back of each seat.

In London we were lucky to hang out with friends from home. Here Rudy and Henna enjoy a pint.

For our week in London we saw much but not nearly enough. Mostly we walked. And ate. Or had a pint or espresso. Then we walked some more. We also checked out a lot of museums and spent time at Stonehenge and Oxford. But pretty much we walked all over London with only a vague plan. It was all great fun and we miss London already.

4 thoughts on “Golders Green

  1. Safe travels!
    thank you for sharing your experience with us .
    I enjoy reading. Beautiful picture of your family , God bless
    Imelda and John

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