Settling In


How quickly signs like this one now appear normal

Been a few days into our tip now and we are beginning to settle into the new normal. Just like at home, we wear masks indoors and go mostly mask less when outside. And I would say that a little more than 50% of Southeast Coloradoans are on the same page as us. The fact that our rented cottage has roughly the same dimensions as our home-home also goes a long way to making us feel mostly Covid safe. Corey and Henna are presently cooking up some ratatouille while outside a mountain storm whimpers away and I cannot begin to tell you how snug this feels. Makes me almost forget about the storm presently ravaging Florida, Arizona and Texas. Pueblo County, or the populous area pressed directly against our current Teller County home, is also experiencing a small increase in cases. I chart these fluctuations like a sailor marks the weather. We have no firm plans past this Sunday night and are prepared to flee in any direction at a moment’s notice. But for right now we are content to sit back and relax; to acclimate to the new altitude as much as possible.


Hiking at Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs, CO


Although outside, we definitely wore our masks while shopping at the Woodland Park Farmers Market. All the vendors wore masks and there were also restrictions about how many people could approach a table at one time. 



This and the above photo were taken at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. Cars were stopped at the gate to ensure that there were never too many people at one time viewing the restored ruins. We also had to give our names and phone number before entering the gift shop/museum as part of a contact tracing program. Most but not all tourists wore masks.



3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Great to see you all are enjoying the great outdoors of beautiful Colorado. I did my first road trip to Colorado with three other guys when I was 18. Seeing Garden of the Gods and the mountains for the first time was a life changing experience.
    Be safe and enjoy

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