Worm hole

We left on our summer trip last year on this exact date, June 23rd. Our first night was Lincoln, NE. And that is also where we are tonight. Neither of these details were planned and only realized while I was scanning last years details on my Instagram feed. It’s been a long year, and although I am not a person to look for meaning, I can’t help but look back on this year and, well….feel just a bit that we entered some kind of worm hole last summer. Hear me out- once we returned from our trip, it seemed as if our whole world turned upside down and kept getting shaken up, over and over. There was death, a school strike, a global pandemic, protests and civil unrest, only to end with another death. I realize that life can do this, and I know that many of you reading feel the same way about this past year, but damn. It just keeps hitting harder and harder.

So this is why we are hoping to find that worm hole we entered last year, re enter and set the world right again. I wish this could be true. That the events in the past could be redone. Loved ones could come back, and we all would feel at peace, safe and healthy in the world. But that’s not how things work. I always say, I can’t go back only forward. So on this journey I plan on resetting my mind and body. Reconnecting with nature and my own rhythms that have been out of wack all year. I want to slow down and just be with the two people who mean the most to me in this world. I realized today that although we’ve been stuck together for months in our house, it was a busy, stressed out life together.

I also plan on allowing the people who left me this year to flood my thoughts and teach me how to keep moving forward.

Fare thee well,



4 thoughts on “Worm hole

  1. Find the wormhole PLEASE! Seriously though…be safe, have fun, and since you can’t reset the world…at least reset yourself!! Much love dear friend…take care and we will do distance coffee when you get back!

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