Lord of The Flies Part 2

They had Derek on the run. With sharpened sticks and a blood curling yell they chased him into the woods and past our campsite. Tired of watching this crap go on, I grabbed a flashlight and walked toward the mob. And just like that a dozen ten year old boys scattered in mock terror.

Chilling at Gros Ventre Campground

The boy scout troop camped next to us really sucked. Picture, I don’t know, maybe 3000 ten to twelve year old boys and one well meaning but absolutely inept dad. They cut down live branches, ran recklessly through the campground, were way too close to a ledge, and chased a poor buck around. The kids went to bed way too late (and way too loud) then were up at the crack of dawn mostly to yell at one another. And for some reason they were out to get Derek and thought it was a good idea to threaten him with spears.

Sunset at Gros Ventre (above) and Signal Mountain (below)

By noon they left and Signal Mountain Campground reverted back to its peaceful, calm self. And then they returned back to get Derek.

Just kidding.

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