A Thousand Miles From Home or Why We Like to Travel by Car

Playing cards (moment made possible by Ray’s nifty carpentry skills- thank you Ray!)

Writing you from Laramie, WY which is home to one of the highest (sorry Madison) college campuses in the country; University of Wyoming. Home of the Cowboys it was established on a land grant in 1886. Nice place. Laramie is a very nice college town with stunning views of the Snowy Mountains. It also is the kind of place where almost every bar is flying a multitude of Pride flags. I even spied a few “Hate has no home here” stickers. Which is why we like to drive. However tempting it would be to fly into Jackson and rent a car, there is something about traveling 1,000 miles through the Midwest and then suddenly coming to a great mountain town like Laramie. Howdy y’all!

The “Library steps” – a cool brewpub in Laramie (great beer, mediocore food)

Laramie’s answer to the High Line (NYC) and the 606 Trail (Chicago)

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