Postcards from Denali

sow and two cubs

Sow and her two cubs; photo taken along Denali Park Road on way to Eilson Visitor Center.

We waited out the rain for two days and then stayed another couple of day afterwards. Over those four days we saw sled dogs and took many hikes. Corey and Henna also discovered a love for mushrooms. We learned to love Denali even though we never spied “The Great One” while within the park. For me the most amazing thing about the park is being able to go from a spruce forest to taiga to tundra while traveling about 700 feet in altitude.


At Mount Healy Overlook


Corey looking out at overlook near Eilson Visitor Center


Corey and Henna by the Savage River

red shrooms

yellow shrooms

The shrooms grow big in Denali


An Arctic Squirrel or a “protein bar” as Grizzly’s like to call them


Caribou are common throughout Denali

henna in fort

Henna built this fort in Cantwell while camping there night before we went to Denali.


While hiking a wild Henna attacked me from behind. Luckily I was carrying Henna Spray.


Without rain there would be no rainbows. This one was taken somewhere between Anchorage and Cantwell.


Supposedly less than 3% of visitors to Denali actually see the mountain during their visit. We saw her a couple of times while driving from Anchorage to Cantwell but then not all over the five days/four nights we hung out at the park.



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