Still Raining in Denali


With winter temps of below 20 common and snow measured in feet, sled dogs are a necessity once winter begins.


Replica of the bus used for movie Into The Wild. In 1992 Christopher McCandless AKA Alex Supertramp died in similar bus near Healy, AK while trying to live off the land.

Been raining close to 24 straight hours and we are slowly running out of things to do. Our 2nd tent (or mess hall as I like to call it) has made camping a whole lot more bearable. And speaking of bears, the park service finally captured and then killed the one that had been bothering folks near Savage River. 14 years ago Corey and I camped in the Savage River Campground and would gladly do so again if it was not booked up. So instead we are at Riley Creek or mile one of park road. You can only actually drive 12 miles of the road with the other 70 completed by park bus.Rain or shine that is what we plan on doing tomorrow.



Bus is found at 49th State Brewery. Great ambience and beer but mediocre food.



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