Great Platte River Road Archway Monument Museum, Nebraska

Two hundred plus miles into Nebraska off Interstate 80 in Kearny, Nebraska is a road side attraction like no other. For starters, instead of being at the side of the road it actually hovers above the highway. Which is fitting since the focus here is on travel from the Gold Rush days right up to the present interstate. This travel focused story is told mostly through headphones and incorporates everything from drive in movie theaters to convincing campgrounds. The few windows looking out to the highway reinforce what a cool thing it really is to be able to drive oneself across this country. It is something every one should do at least once.



Hennacornoelidays Great Grandparents


A short walk from the parking lot is a bridge leading to an impressive bike trail as well as a recreated earth lodge. Pretty cool and also free. Tickets to the museum are $12 for adults and less for kids.


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