We Make Like Willie And Are On The Road Again

We came home and before we could shake off all the jet lag we enjoyed one amazing, absolutely perfect wedding between two former house sitters. Michelle and Jerry were a thing before they agreed to help us out, but we like to think that Chateau Hennacornoeliday maybe nudged them closer together. Besides the wedding we also hung out with friends, celebrated a nephew/cousin graduating high school, and had tea with an adorable two year old for her birthday. It was a good week.

We also repacked. Europe was grand but sometimes we were a bit homesick. Not just for friends and family, but also for campfires, picnic tables, free bathrooms, and a little bit of space. We craved smores, stars, and our camping chairs. Add three neighbors and two cousins heading to one of our favorite spots in the world (Grand Tetons National Park) and you can see why we sit now in Iowa City ready to head further west tomorrow.


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