The European Road

After Copenhagen we left Scandanavia for the continent. There we finally met some of the stereotypes of European travel. First the Autobahn (terrifying) and then the tight winding village roads (even more terrifying). In The Hague we had a very rude waitress and people have long since stopped greeting us with a friendly “hey hey.” At the same time we still make friends and when lost (which is frequent) there is always someone willing to help us out.  







We have had some rain too but also many memorable experiences like the Anne Frank Museum. Not enough time to discuss here but this was very moving. Now we are camping in a 5 star resort on a Netherlands beach that includes a bar, game room, pool and planned activities. Last 3 nights were at a place rated a few less stars. There we had to provide our own toilet paper. But they still had espresso and warm croissants each morning for purchase (this is Europe after all).

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