Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen

Henna’s first roller coaster was followed up the next day by her first trip to an open air drug market. This quaint leftover hippie community has just 3 rules; no running, no photos, and everyone has to have fun. Honestly the same rules as most day camps.


I have to say we were just one of many tourist families milling about pot plants and handmade jewelry. Jazz fest was going on in the city and in Christiania it was a real blast. Drug dealers tapped their feet to the rhythm, their face masks casually drooping below their chins. Whereas the rest of the city clapped politely, here it felt more like the way Kerouac described it in On The Road with wild hoots, the pungent smell of weed, and a lot of good vibes. After a little bit we got the hell out of there but it was a fun trip while it lasted.

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