Lost in Iceland


After a few more days in Iceland we finally met some actual Icelanders. This was not as easy as you might think as there are only about 300,000 inhabitants on the whole island (and seemingly as many tourists). So it took getting lost on a series of gravel roads before stumbling upon Skemman Kaffihús in Hvanneyri. Hvanneyri is the sleepiest college town we have ever seen. A few dorms, fewer people, a restored barn selling wool products and the cutest most intimate coffee shop ever. The owner and her teenage helper answered every question we  




 could think of concerning their native land. Coffee lasted close to an hour and when it was done every wrong turn and misdirection was forgiven. Much later, like 2 AM, I was wide awake in my tent while kids played loudly outside and parents drank a few feet away. Corey and Henna where sound asleep and I waited patiently for the natives to say good night.

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