What We Like About Iceland (Part 1)

So far one of the things we love most about Iceland are all the contradictions and little quirks. For example:

Almost all the national sights are free but it sometimes cost a couple hundred krónur to go to the bathroom.

Hamburgers are eaten with a fork and knife. 

English is the default language and many advertisements are only in English. The official literacy rate for Iceland is 100% and we guess 99% also speak English.

In midsummer there is not only no dark there isn’t even dusk. Just bright unyielding light. It is cold though and even colder after sunset (no sun but still 100% light). There are no campfires either so we hang out a lot in our car reading and playing games before going to bed.

The grass is quite lovely and speckled with tundra and wild flowers. No ticks and few bugs. Perfect for sheep and campsites. 

The hiking and scenery is simply amazing. Every drive involves a lot of adjectives and some planning for our next trip here.

We have been lucky to have so much sunshine as we have.      


4 thoughts on “What We Like About Iceland (Part 1)

  1. The experiences you are having and giving Henna are priceless!! Be safe and have fun on this exciting journey.
    Love, Aunt Andrea

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