Cool Stop #33: The KOA at Devil’s Tower

The night sky was cloudy and starless but every once in a while lightning would grace the sky and we would catch a glimpse of Devil’s Tower. Joining us in watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind were a few other families and about a dozen bikers headed to and from nearby Sturgis. Corey and I sipped our cocktails while all three of us were completely engrossed in Steven Spielberg’s first feature film about aliens.

Devil's Tower

This summer we have stayed at about a dozen KOAs. Some of them have been great, others less so. But the KOA at Devil’s Tower beats them all. They have a pool opened until ten, easy access to booze, popcorn, and ice cream (as well as a diner) and a comfortable tenting area (although we stayed in a cabin). Oh, they are also just across the street from the monument and that tower dominates the day time skyline. Throw in nightly showing of Close Encounters and you got yourself a good time. Noel 8/11/13

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