Cirque Shanghai’s Dragon’s Thunder at Navy Pier (Summer, 2013)

First off I was wrong. I thought Cirque Shanghai would be kind of like a less popular Cirque du Soleil. I mean du Soleil plays Vegas and tickets can set you back almost $200. Cirque Shanghai can be seen at Ho Chunk Casino. Well, I have never actually seen Cirque du Soleil but I cannot imagine them rocking any harder than Shanghai. Cirque Shanghai is all about danger. Lots and lots of danger. It also is about stupid human tricks performed without a net (OK, sometimes there was this weak looking sponge like mat, but you get the idea). My favorite involved this suspended hamster wheel with guys spinning on top of the contraption while doing things like jumping rope. Who thinks of that? Anyways, tickets start at $20 (and really, given how small the venue is you should go with the cheap seats) and this is definitely hennacornoeli recommended. A longer more articulate review by me can be found below:

CirqueShanghai Mulan's Dragon Drums

Cirque Shanghai Wheel of Destiny

Cirque Shanghai Group Contortion 2

We also want to give a big shout out to our newest fan, Logan Schecter who came into the world 40 years and a day after me. Happy Birthday!

All photos courtesy of Circus Shanghai

To purchase tickets or for more information click here

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