Day 5 through 7: St. Petersburg, near Sarasota, and Pine Island, Fl

Not that long ago I was looking through some old photos of the Grand Tetons and realized something rather big.  While the granite has not changed much over the years, the people in the photos (namely Noel and Corey) have.  All travel of course is a personal business and noticing what has and has not changed in the landscape is half the fun of getting there.  It was with that sentiment we met our friends, Jeff, Alexis, and their three daughters for dinner a few nights ago.

Just another Florida sunset

Just another Florida sunset

I am happy to report that all the changes have been for the best. My beer drinking, shot downing and Sega hockey playing friend is now one heck of a dad to three wonderful little girls.  Henna, who is always looking for a friend on the road, was in heaven as she palled along with three new playmates.   As for Alexis, I do not think the Alexis I knew in college even wanted to be a teacher.  Anyone spending a few seconds with her now probably could not imagine her doing anything else.  Together they have built a fun and nurturing home in the bayous of Sarasota (where every drainage ditch is teeming with ‘gators).  Thank you for having dinner with us and thank you for letting us crash at your home last Sunday night.  NoelJeff and Alexis and family


It’s Corey here and the day before, we weathered the worst of Florida (US 19) in order to party with my cousins. Years ago, my grandparents retired to Florida, and eventually my Aunt Joan (my mother’s sister) followed them, taking my cousins with her.  Frank, Cheryl, Rob, Mike, Renee and Gary are my wonderful cousins whom I only really know a smidge.  After losing my Aunt Joan two years ago, being in their joyful presence brought her spirit back for one day.  Also, thank you Cathy for hosting this get together and letting us crash!    Corey

6 Coluzzis and 1 Corey

6 Coluzzis and 1 Corey

In between all this family and friend stuff we made it out to Clearwater Beach and paid a ridiculous amount of money to see Winter (the dolphin with the prosthetic tail). Clearwater beach was fun, in a circus kind of way.  But south of Tampa is heaven for us (maybe it would feel different when the humidity and bugs come mid-summer).  Tonight is New Years and we will spend it doing what we do/ love best; under the stars and with marshmallow fluff in our teeth.   Happy New Years!  Noel, Corey and Henna too.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

1 thought on “Day 5 through 7: St. Petersburg, near Sarasota, and Pine Island, Fl

  1. LOVE the trip updates, have a safe trip and a great one! Love and miss you guys! Corey, got the Fireside pin, AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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