Angel Lake State Park, NV

Off the interstate near Wells, Nevada (which is about 60 miles west of Utah) exists Angel Lake State Park.  The park is near but well above the sun scorched desert that is Wells.  So far above that there was snow near the campsite on the mid-July day we were there.  The state park is an oasis with a pretty campground, a stocked lake, a waterfall that we never made it to, and stars a plenty at night.  Oh, and you have to drive up a windy, not quite 2 lane road that should (but doesn’t) have a guardrail.  If you go, buy a fishing license at the gas station in Wells.  We did not and ended up paying the campground host a little something extra so we could not catch any fish.  Ah, but that ended up being the least of our worries.  Two nights before Henna woke up in the middle of the night on top of a mountain in Wyoming to get sick in the tent.  After a restful hotel stop in Evanston, Wyoming, Henna was feeling great.  The night at Angel Lake found Corey hurling under the stars.  A camping second for us.  Corey and I have since debated whether it was stomach flu (Corey’s position) or altitude sickness. 

The morning gave us a careful drive down the windy path and a fragile Corey moaning in the front seat.  Corey got a shower at the gas station/ diner (the one we should have bought the fishing license at) while Henna and I had a mighty fine breakfast.  I was feeling pretty down and out and a couple people gave us sympathetic looks.  We drove that day to Winnemucca, Nevada to sleep under the linens and then camped the day after at Lake Tahoe. The road can give good, bad, or a little bit of both.  We just roll.

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