The Smallest Show on Earth

A couple of days ago I wrote about the trips and adventures getting smaller.  It does not get much smaller than our day trip to Edison Park, Chicago (our home town/ neighborhood).  This weekend was the Edison Park Fest which I always find exciting, mostly because the parade route passes our house.  That means that once a year I live in the center of it all (and by all I mean Edison Park Fest).  But the rain came something fierce and washed the parade away.  There is nothing sadder than children, some of whom have been practicing throwing candy all week in anticipating of marching in the parade, realizing the parade is cancelled.  Henna was sad.  I know some of her friends were very sad.  But today there was no rain and we saw our first Flea Circus.   It was a lot of fun, especially since it was free, and I mean free (no passing of the hat here) and a few blocks from my house.  We also saw a dog show filled with neighborhood dogs.  There were contests for the biggest dog, the smallest dog, best obeyed dog, etc.  It went a little long for my tastes, but Henna had a good time.  Over the last three days I have eaten ribs, gyros, Italian ice, gelato, and washed it down with my first ever mojito.  We have also heard a lot of good, bad, and inbetween music but, again, it was all free and close to my house.  And Henna had fun jumping on various blow up “rides” that cost way too much ($2s just to go down a slide!).  But at last, all good things have to end.  Tomorrow Edison Park Fest will be just a memory.  But heart burn is forever.

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