Big Trouble in Little China Town

Sorry, I could not resist that title.  I must have seen that movie, with Kurt Russel, a million times as a kid.  I think HBO must have devoted entire weekends to just showing that movie.  The three of us went to ChinaTTown and did not find any real trouble.  The midwest just does not do Chinatowns as well as the west coast.  I have never been to Cleveland’s China Town (I have no idea if one exists), but I am guessing Chicago’s is the biggest in the U.S. midwest and, I have to say, it is nothing compared to Porland’s, Victoria (B.C.), or San Francisco.  It was nice and we had a good lunch.  And we bought two small turtles from a vendor.  Corey:  What kind of turtle is this?  Vendor:  Ah, just a turtle.  Corey:  How big do they get?  Vendor:  It depends on how long they live.  I went to the bathroom, that conversation went on without me, and when I located my family they had two pleading faces.  Twenty bucks later we have two turtles to join our one aquatic frog, one hermit crab, and three cats.  I mean, it’s not like we go away a lot and need people to look after these animals? 

Getting to Chinatown was kind of fun and, for us, novel.  We took the metra then a water taxi south.  There was a line of tourists waiting for the water taxi north (those views must have been stunning).  Our views were gritty and the smells were riverish with a tinge of industry.  Last time on a boat that small we saw whales, seals, sea lion, and bald eagels.  This time we saw weeds, broken glass, and rusting CTA cars.

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