Day 32 and 33: Petaluma to Mancester, CA

After the hectic urban ways of San Fran and the surrounding area, it felt good to head north of the city.  Only about 70 miles away, but with roads that do not allow speeds of more than 40 MPH (fog, curves, and drop offs) we feel much further away.  Revisted a KOA from three years back and were happy to see it has not changed at all.  Uncrowded, close to the beach (we hear the waves at night), and a nice pool.  We were so happy to be back we decided to stay for two nights.  On the way here we shopped for wine, hung out at a beach, and held our breath for part of the drive (some people leave their heart in SF, we left our stomachs on HWY 1).  Anyways, here are a few pictures from our last two days.  Hope you enjoy.