A feel….

Today’s route took us from the KOA in Newberry Michigan through to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.   We started in the rain as we left the cabin we stayed in last night.  The KOA had a worn down feel, but it kept us dry so I was not complaining.  Henna was able to fish on a small lake and she caught two fish!  She looked so big taking care of it all herself….even baiting the night crawlers on her hook.  So while heading along our scenic path, (because the dots on the map told us so) we headed through many small towns of the Upper Peninsula.  During one particular drive through a town, I heard from the back seat, “This place is so sad”.  Those were my exact sentiments but what struck me the most was that at such a young age Henna already knows when the “feel” is not there.  Now I cannot explain what the “feel” is….but I just know it when it’s there.  Like the KOA of the previous night, the feel just was missing.    The UP seems to just not care if folks come to visit, which is cool and all but sad in a way.  We stopped along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and did three hikes…in 48 degree weather.  Lake Superior is such an awesome lake, and we were able to walk along the shores as monster waves crashed  along side us…it was so loud.  We saw the old foundations of sunken ships that had crashed onto the rocky shores 100 or more years ago.   We were crabby and cold, with no plans for tonight.  We stopped into a local restaurant called The Bear Trap, and the “feel” was there.  Henna and Noel played pool and the locals were kind.   After filling our bellies we headed off for our last stop along the national lakeshore, Miner’s Castle.  It was short walk down to the sandstone bluffs overlooking the lake.  The signs all told of the geological explanations for it all, but you’ll have to visit for yourself to find out what it says.  Henna and I laughed the whole walk down, Henna was making up her own language along the way, and then pretended that I was a horse the whole way up.  The hike had that “feel” again……might be our full bellies to thank.  We headed out not knowing what the night would bring……it was teetering on 48 degrees and night was approaching.  We stopped at a Holiday Inn Express…but again the “feel” was not there.    We found ourselves in Christmas Michigan checking out Bay Furnace national forest campground…….loaded up on firewood from a house where we were able to drop off 8 bucks, on the honor system and set up our camp.  The fire is warm, the smores are yummy, my home away from home is set up and ready to keep me warm tonight.  Yep it’s got the “feel”.