One More Thing About Montgomery, AL

There is one more thing about Montgomery I forgot to mention. It must have the highest percentage of Koreans of anywhere in the United States.  Or maybe that is just true for our hotel.  There are two free Korean papers offered at check in, signs everywhere in Korean, a ping-pong table at the pool (not sure if that is really a common Korean or Asian thing, but this is the first ping-pong table I have ever seen at a hotel pool), rice offered at breakfast along with some kimchi, and the television in the breakfast area was tuned into a Korean television channel. By the way, Corey’s Hennacornoeli gift to me was a portable ping-pong net; most of our games thus far have been on the kitchen island.

Last night there was a floating party of Korean business men who wandered from room to room and alternated between yelling loudly in the hallway and slamming doors.  At around 1 AM I shushed them (picture angry Noel in his boxers standing in the hallway and asking a man in his early 50s wearing a tie to keep it down).  They apologized and then I heard nothing more from them again.  Wikipedia told me that Montgomery’s Asian population is a mere 2%, but Hyundai does have a plant here.  One more thing; the pillows here are half-size.  I am pretty sure that is not an Asian thing, but I think it is worth noting.  Noel