Cool Spot #28: The Mountain Front Market in Choteau, MT

At Many Glacier Lodge

We left the Many Glacier Lodge in the pouring rain pretty bummed about never leaving the hotel. Instead we snoozed and played card games on their comfy chairs by the fire and then slept fittingly in their “rustic splendor” of a room. Our most expensive accommodation of the trip boasted of paper thin walls and squeaky floor in the brochure. In fact, it was a regular step back in time as the place was devoid of televisions and had really lousy wifi. Corey and I had spent two wonderful nights there on our first road trip together. Despite the rain, it was nice doing it again with Henna.

Mountain Front Market in Choteau, MT

Mountain Front Market in Choteau, MT

Maggie at the counter

Anyways, we were headed down 287 between Browning and Helena, MT when I started getting kind of hungry. No sooner did I tell Corey that I was craving an apple that she suddenly pulled off to the side of the road. There, within the charming small town of Choteau, MT, was an organic and locally grown oasis of good stuff. A BYOB (bring your own bag) kind of store, it offered lots of ripe fruit, cheese, and grass fed local meats. In between stuffing my face with cherries, I also struck up a good book conversation with Maggie who was running the place. An Americorp graduate who previously serviced Chicago’s impoverished Lincoln Park neighborhood (where some of its residents can barely afford a decent latte a day), Maggie seemed genuinely excited to be featured in this award blog.
That same day then ended with clear skies, a comfy grass tent site, and overpriced washing machines. All in all it felt good to be back on the road. Noel 8/4/13