The Chicago Tribune is Copying Us!

Once again the Chicago Tribune is printing articles that we at Hennacornoelidays have already done.  

Chicago Tribune:,0,4547397.story


All kidding aside, I know that we are not the first people to discover Smoky Mountain National Park or the joys of camping.  I also liked the Tribune article and wish the author and his wife the best of luck.  But it does seem that the Chicago Tribune is repeatedly talking about things that we here at Hennacornoelidays have already discussed.  Hmmm….  For no particular reason, here are some random trip photos.  Happy Daylight Savings Day and don’t forget to vote!


Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ

I was looking through some albums and came across our visit to the Lost Dutchman State Park which is near Tortilla Flats in Arizona (not to be confused with Refried Beans, Maine).  Legend has it that there is a gold mine hidden somewhere within the park.  Never found it.  We did find sun.  A lot of sun.  Even though it was a beautiful early Spring day in the low 80s, that sun bakes you.  And deserts, by definition, do not offer much shade.  But the blooming desert and cactus views made for an enjoyable day.