A Few of Our Favorite Photos from 2017 (so far)


Park Avenue Hike, Arches National Park


Arches National Park

Been home now more than a week and the trip has pretty much completed its orbit from experience to memory. But if I squint just a bit I can still just see a bit of trip light over the western horizon. Here are a few of our favorite photos from that time still not so long ago.

great basin national park photo

A Bristlecone pine tree at Great Basin National Park- one of the oldest living things on the planet this tree is likely two thousand years old!


Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the Flint Hills of Kansas- Corey and Henna stop to smell the flowers


Somewhere between Durango and Silverton, Colorado. About an hour after taking this photo we were hit by several falling rocks including one that damaged our windshield.


In Naturita, Colorado we do the unthinkable. We spend the night in an RV. Was pretty comfortable actually. 


Morning in Baker, Nevada


Great Sand Dune National Park. As good as it gets.

Great Sand Dunes National Park


The clues were as follows: a citronella candle, a few sticks of firewood, a half finished “Polynesian” flavored barbeque bottle, a bottle of bug spray, and a bit of charcoal. All items were found within the campsite’s bear box (a metal box with a trick lock that both frustrates hungry bears and, due to it’s loud creaky noise, is guaranteed to wake up anyone sleeping within a seven campsite radius). We took a pass on the sauce, but the firewood came in handy. What did we do to deserve such generous gifts?

The campsite’s other riddle was easier to solve. To our annoyance, several very large boulders were scattered about like Stonehenge exactly where we hoped to set up our tent. So first we had to move the rocks, then we set up our tent, and then we attempted to stake it all down. But sand makes a very poor foundation and, thus, we had to pick up those same pesky boulders, which by this time where heavier, and use them to keep down the tent.

So back to the clues. After a long day of sand hiking, sand sitting, and sand staring we proceeded to make a fire. Dinner was fine and then, like a plague out of Egypt, the mosquitoes descended upon us. The smart one, Henna, retired to the tent but Corey and I valiantly lit our one citronella candle (thanks Tim and Linnea) which seemed to do nothing but irritate the little buggers. Defeated we joined Henna.

A few hours later came the winds. Powerful winds that blew sand into our tent and at times actually seemed to almost lift the tent a millimeter up. Our poorly grounded rain flap became unbound and flapped like a loud bird. Corey and I had to yell to be heard and twice we courageously ventured outside only to return with sand in our eyes. It was immediately after one of these episodes that we suddenly understood the true nature of the objects. They were not gifts so much as objects left behind in fright.