On The Tundra of Lake Michigan

Frozen Illinois River

It has been about a day since the deep freeze took hold over Chicago with temperatures dropping close to twenty below (if your reading this in Celsius loving Canada let me assure you that twenty below Fahrenheit it is a mind numbing character building type of cold). And if you are reading this in the Caribbean why don’t you go @#$ yourself!

I’m sorry for that outburst. It’s just the cabin fever speaking (or space madness if you prefer). Truth be told, I have always wanted to weather an Arctic winter. And today, after unsuccessfully attempting to talk Henna into walking the few blocks to her friend’s house, I took a stroll around the block. The thing about extreme weather is you have no margin for error. I wore two pairs of socks, a sweater, my serious winter jacket, pajama bottoms under my pants, as well as gloves and a hat. But I forgot the scarf resulting in some serious freezer burn around the beard.

On Hennacornoeliday Eve

No school for Henna and I today and tomorrow. Corey organized from home today and plans on working tomorrow. Corey has not left the house since Saturday (and is none the worse for it). Despite her self-professed hatred of all things cold, Corey, along with Henna would probably do fine in Alaska. The two of them would sleep in, do art project after art project, and watch a lot of movies. There would be a lot of reading going on too. I would enjoy it all for about a day and then run screaming into the coldness, never to be heard from again. To each their own. Noel